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Jeremy Nicholas Dooley (born June 4, 1991) and also known as Lil' J, JDoolz and formerly as Jerem6401, is an American actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, rapper, lyricist, author and Internet and YouTube personality best known for his work co-hosting Rooster Teeth's gameplay division Achievement Hunter and serving alongside the lyricist team in Camp Camp. Outside of Achievement Hunter ...

driftglass: From This Day to the Ending of the World...

The buses had been sent to the Capitol to evacuate our electeds. South American nations had coups when their elected representatives were driven out by angry mobs...mobs like we witnessed on 1/6. The stalwart courage of our electeds kept this coup d'etat at bay. But every successful coup has been preceded by a failed coup.

The Feral Irishman: Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...... Shall ...

I always did love Jujubes. Nice hut 1, hut 2 on 52, nice it can't be sarong if it looks so right on 53 (had to), nice goose bumps on 86, nice Barbara Eden on 93, nice crochet on 103, nice tiptoe on 116, nice bush on 126, nice pear on 133, nice respiration on 170.