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In Kid's Cove, where Mangle spawns, she wants Toy Freddy to buy her an esoteric Sex Toy. Talk to Mangle in Kid's Cove. Destroy Beta Streamers until one of them drops a Sex Toy Voucher. Go to the Kid's Cove Balloon Boy and choose the special offer or insert the Sex Toy Voucher into the Vending Machine. Bring the Sex Toy to Mangle.

where is this esoteric sex toy? mangle? Five Nights at ...

Part 1 of the thriller rpg five nights at fuckboys 2 it is an absurd game to play so please enjoy and subscribe also follow me on twitter @kingbrawly

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Mangle is one the several freaky robots from FNAF 2. Mangle is likely LGBT because of its lipstick but it's manly features. Mangle is likely LGBT because of its lipstick but it's manly features. It's not very popular because it gives people .

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You must fetch her an esoteric sex toy, but it isn't sold or dropped by enemies. To get it, you must first talk to Phantom Mangle to start the quest. Once that's done, you need to go to ROOM 7 and interact with the leftmost arcade game: Mangle's Esoteric Quest.

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(This minigame will have leaderboards.)Set to release on 4/20/15. Check the GameJolt page for updates!http://gamejolt.com/games/rpg/five-nights-at-f-boy-s-3/...

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(Springtrap) *grins* do you want an esoteric sex toy? (Mangle) *runs way from springtrap and to the exit, opens the door* (Springtrap) *grabs mangle* you ain't leaven yet pretty. *smooches mangle disgustingly* yum! *throws mangle on the floor and gets on top of her* (Mangle) let go of me you sexual beast! Do you think I wanna-

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A page for describing Quotes: Five Nights at Fuckboy's. "You vile, disgusting piece of animatronic garbage. You're going to rue the day you even thought so much as to use my own devices against me.

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"come with me fluff fucker" (Toy Freddy to Mangle after giving her the Esoteric Sex Toy the second time) "get back in the box you ball tripping fucknugget" (Toy Freddy to The Puppet) "inhale my dong enragement BITCH" (Toy Freddy to BB after he tries to take over the world)


Mangle: Talk to her, then go farm some Beta Streamers until they drop a Sex Toy Voucher (1/10 chance), then talk to B.B on the Kid's Cove, give the Sex Toy to Mangle, but suddenly... Withered Foxy will steal it and run away to the Party Room 2, beat him and get the Sex Toy back and give it to the fucking fluff fucker.

Sex toy voucher, where is it? : FNaFb

level 1. NemoracStrebor. · 6y. I think the vouchers only spawn if you have talked to mangle,so this may sound stupid, but make sure you talked to her first. 1. level 2. SparkingClouds. · 6y. I believe you get them at any time, but I am not so sure.