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The gay sex guide to dildos. ... This massively depends on what you’re using the dildo for. ... which are smaller in girth making it more comfortable for those trying out dildos for the first time.

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The King Cock is a truly huge gay dildo which should only be considered by the biggest, baddest gay men out there. If you think you are ready for it, then the King Cock might just be the best gay dildo for you.

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I have read where a lot of men are comfortable lying flat and using both hands to work the dildo into their rears. However, for you guys with shorter arms, a doggy-style position may work better. Lying face down, place the dildo in your palm, with one or both hands behind your back

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This position involves the bottom straddling the top's pelvis either by squatting or kneeling facing toward the top's head. Like missionary, this position allows ample opportunity for observation and intimate bonding. Easy eye contact, hand-holding, chest caressing, and kissing are all intimate possibilities with this position.

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Whether experienced or not, there are always new positions you can try with your same-sex partner. In the case of men, here are 10 steamy gay sex positions for you and your male partner to try ...

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Unlike lesbian couples, which have a bit more freedom position-wise, if using a double dildo for vaginal and anal use, you will really need to think about positions. Similar to what was discussed with women, it’s best to try out these positions before-hand. Some more common, easier to use positions include doggy style or some variation of cowgirl.

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Sitting in an upright position with your legs slightly bent allows you to experience a deep filling sensation, it’s easy to reach your G-spot in this position and it’s an awesome position to be in if your partner likes to watch.

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In this sex position, the couple should mount the suction cup dildo on the wooden chair and one partner should sit on the dildo for dildo sex. The partner who sits on the dildo for dildo sex can balance themselves while holding the back of the chair or put the table in front of them.

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Overall, with one big exception, dildo-from-behind is a dildo sex position that I find uncomfortable vaginally, and a bit awkward anally too. Horizontal: Mounting a dildo on a horizontal surface gives me a bit more control: I can lean forward (to get a good G-spot curve) or backward without putting awkward pressure on my lower back.